Air Force 925 Sterling Silver Cage Pendant

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 Founded in 1947, the United States Air Force is the newest official branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Originally a division of the Army, today's Air Force is comprised of more than 300,000 active duty and reserve personnel. The motto is "Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win" and it embodies all that these brave men and women aspire to be. This Pendant Is the perfect way to show your Pearl AND your Pride weather you are actively enlisted, reserve, retired or have a proud family history with the U.S. Air Force.

As a way to give back to Veterans we will be donating 10% of direct sales from every U.S. Air Force Pendant Sold to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Your choice of 18" or 20" chain.

After you have chosen your chain size You can go ahead and choose how you would like your pearl to be revealed.


You Can Choose from either a

Live Oyster opening-  If you choose this option we will open an Oyster LIVE on Camera To Reveal your Unique Pearl. The Oysters contain Fresh Water Pearls Sized between 6-8 mm. Some Oysters even Contain Twins!! (two pearls) Their are heaps of Amazing Colors with multiple variations to find inside. Every Pearl is truly Unique just like all of us. This option is a very Fun and Exciting experience. You become Part of our Pearl family where we have a network of AMAZING people that share your Love for these amazing Gems.


Open at Home Oyster- If you choose this option we will send you an Oyster out with your Pendant to Open at home so you can share in the joy and excitement with your friends and family!! This is a great way to involve your loved ones and create lasting memories with those that are close to your heart. 


Loose Pearl- This option is for those of you that have a Specific Look in Mind and know Exactly what you want. If that sounds like you then go ahead and choose what color Pearl you want and we will place it inside your Pendant and send it out to you. Every Loose pearl is between 6-8 mm and each color has different under and overtones with slight variations.




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